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Franco-Arab Film section

A 25-year cultural landmark, merged with the Amman International Film Festival in 2020

Uniting Cultures Through Cinema

We are delighted to announce the new edition of Amman International Film Festival in Jordan, held from July 3 to 11, 2024, in the Taj Cinemas, Royal Film Commission et Rainbow Theater. Experience a week of creative screenings, engaging discussions, and cultural exploration under the theme “Our Narratives” at the Amman International Film Festival !


For 25 years, from 1995 to 2020, the French Institute of Jordan organized the annual Franco-Arab Film Festival in Amman. When, in 2020, the Royal Film Commission (RFC), the FFFA's central and historic partner, decided to set up the Amman International Film Festival (AIFF), it was decided to integrate the Franco-Arab film festival under the name of "Rendez-Vous Franco-Arab", as the only section backed by a foreign institution.

Crossroads of Culture:

The Franco-Arab Films

The Franco-Arab Film Festival is a celebration dedicated to promoting the richness and dynamism of cinematic collaboration between the countries of the Arab League and those of the Francophonie. By showcasing productions resulting from this cooperation or offering a Francophone perspective on the Arab world, as well as those reflecting an Arab perspective on the Francophone world, the festival aims to create a space for cultural and artistic exchange by organizing screenings in Amman and its governorates.

Empowering Voices: Youth Juries and reporters

The festival encourages the participation of young juries to bring fresh perspectives to the new Franco-Arab film production. Specific training will be provided to equip these juries with the skills for evaluating and critiquing works, along with journalistic coaching from professionals to become genuine reporters of the festival, thus contributing to enriching the dialogue surrounding Franco-Arab cinema.

Spotlighting Emerging Talents : Professional opportunities and networking

At the heart of the Middle Eastern ecosystem, the festival provides a visibility platform for young Franco-Arab directors, screenwriters, and actors. By collaborating with renowned festivals and institutes such as Noisy Festival, Copeam, TV5 Monde, Aflam, the French Institute in Paris, as well as the Amman Film Industry Days (AFID), the festival facilitates opportunities to connect with experts in the film industry. Workshops and training sessions are also scheduled to enhance the skills of young talents and promote their professional developm


The Franco-Arab Rendez-vous Section at the Amman International Film Festival would like to concur the statement made by the five-member Board of the Festival and expresses herewith its full support and respect to its content.

This year's selection of films is coming soon as well as our professional guests !

In this 2024 edition, artistic excellence is celebrated through several prestigious awards. Among them, the Youth Prize in the short film category offers a unique opportunity to young Jordanian filmmakers or residents in Jordan. The winner of this prize, selected by a professional jury, will have the honor of traveling to France to see their work screened at the Franco-Arab Festival in Noisy-le-Sec. Additionally, as part of the Pitching Platforms, a Jordanian project will be chosen to benefit from professional networking opportunities to pursue their feature film in the frame of the Noisy-le-Sec Festival. Finally, the Youth Jury Prize, though symbolic, represents significant recognition for emerging talents in the Franco-Arab film scene.

An exciting program filled with meetings, network opportunities, workshops, and incubators, covering both film criticism, acting, and script writing.


Don't miss a host of other Franco-Arab productions in the festival's competitive sections, including “Bye Bye Tiberias”, “Inshallah a Boy” and “Hounds”.



Amman International Film Festival 


Taj Cinemas,

Royal Film Commission, Rainbow Theater

July 3 to 11, 2024


Join Us

Whether you’re a seasoned cinephile or simply curious to discover new narratives, there’s something for everyone at the Franco-Arab Rendez-Vous. Join us as we bridge cultures, foster dialogues, and celebrate the universal language of cinema.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed event schedules. 

Time for the magic of cinema !

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