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Where do I register?

  • Online:
    • Website: French Institute of Jordan: Course pre-registration form | Pre-enrollment to a course
    • Email:
  • At the French Institute in Jordan from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during registration periods

You will find the registration dates here, as well as the different group course offers (extensive or intensive). Only once the payment has been validated, I am officially registered for my French lessons.

[Library] What is the library portal?

The media library portal allows you to do documentary research in our online catalog and to follow library news.

You can also access your reader account to consult the list of documents you have borrowed and their return date, extend your loans and make reservations. Your username will be communicated to you during the registration process.

You can consult our tutorial for using the portal or make a personalized appointment with your librarian (getting started, documentary research, etc.)

For more information on the media library and on Culturethèque, contact your media librarian: / +962 6 4612658 Ext. 102 / FB:

[Library] How to use the Culturethèque digital library?

Access to the digital library is offered to you when you are registered with the French institute library. Your identifiers are communicated to you when you register.

This library offers you additional digital resources (press, music, video, albums, comics, ebooks, etc.) to consult online or download to computer, telephone, tablet and e-reader.

You can consult the online tutorial “How to borrow a digital book” or make a personalized appointment with your media librarian (installation, getting started, etc.).

[Library] What are the conditions for loaning documents?

Members of the French institute library can borrow up to seven documents for a period of one month, renewable once for three weeks. It is imperative to register the documents in the office of the media library during opening hours to borrow them. Subscription cards are nominative.

Returns of documents can be made outside opening hours by depositing them in the box provided for this purpose.

Library subscribers are responsible for the materials they check out. Any lost or damaged document must be replaced or reimbursed.

To borrow and return digital books, see below “How to use the Culturethèque digital library?”.


[Library] How do I register for the French institute library?

Register for the library at the French institute!

  • Saturday: 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. / 2:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
  • Sunday to Wednesday: 12:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Registration for the year 25 JOD

University students/learners enrolled in group and private lessons: 10 JOD

Find all the information and other discounts on the Library page

It is also possible to pre-register online by completing the online form:
The subscriber's registration will be validated upon receipt of payment of the subscription (in cash or by credit card on site, by transfer, deposit or online payment).

[Culture at the IFJ]

You are an artist and/or you have a cultural project, how to contact the cultural center?

Head of the cultural department.



Find our next events for 2022 on our Facebook page:


[Exams] What are the available certifications?

For information on exam and registration dates, see the Exams page


  • DELF-DALF: from A1 to C2
  • TCF:
    • TCF Canada
    • TCF IRN
    • TCF all public
    • School A1 - B2
    • Prime A1.1


  • CIMA

The French Institut is the only authorized examination center in Jordan.

[Exams] How do I assess my French level?

The IFJ evaluates my level of French during the registration periods thanks to placement tests. At the end of each session, I pass a final evaluation which eventually allows me to access the next level.

When I feel comfortable with my level (A1, A2, B1…), I can decide to take an official evaluation test: DELF-DALF / TCF

[Private courses] What happens if I cancel a lesson? Will it be rescheduled?

I can cancel my lesson 24 hours in advance. I must inform the teacher as well as the institute by e-mail to

Canceled lessons will be rescheduled by the teacher. If I cancel the lesson within less than 24 hours, the lesson will be charged by the teacher.


[Private courses] What types of payment, when and what does the price of a session include?

  • IBAN for transfer, which will be sent during registration
  • VISA or cash directly at the IFJ

You can request French or Arabic lessons remotely or face to face at the IFJ. The minimum number of hours is 10 hours for a price of 29 JOD/hour.

For more information :

  • Contact us:
    • by email
    • by phone 064612658 EXT.104 or I come to the IFJ between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

[Private courses] How do I register for private lessons?

Whether I am an individual, a group or a company, I contact by email, by telephone 064612658 EXT.104 or I come to the IFJ between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

I would like to be reimbursed, what are the conditions?

  • Once the course has started, the registration fees cannot be refunded, except for reasons of force majeure. A letter accompanied by the supporting documents must be sent to the management of the institute, who will assess the merits.
  • A voucher or "wallet" will be issued automatically in the following cases:
    • Inability of the IFJ to provide the service sold
    • Following a student placement test error without the possibility for the IFJ to offer a replacement course (up to and including the third course)


What are the prices for the collective courses?

  • French: 160 JOD
  • Arabic: 175 JOD

Offers and discounts available during registration periods.


What types of payment, when and what does the price of a session include?

  • IBAN for transfer, which will be sent during registration
  • VISA or cash directly to the French Institut during the registration period

The price of a collective session includes the 40 hours of lessons


How do online courses work?

Same quality, same teachers, same rhythm, same content!

Everything is online, I have a manual but I can attend the course from home, in a café, or even from abroad!

Before registering, I must ensure that I have sufficient digital and computer resources to follow the course remotely (sufficient Internet connection and speed, computer equipment, webcam, software, etc.).

No complaint or request for cancellation of registration will be possible in the event of malfunctions related to these breaches prior to registration. The IFJ cannot be held responsible for technical and computer failures that would prevent the holding of the virtual class.


What happens if the course does not have enough students?

If there are less than 5 students in my course, except in exceptional circumstances, my course unfortunately cannot open

If my lesson is canceled and no schedule suits me, I can inquire about private lessons.

The course is not suitable for my level, how can I change?

If you see that the course granted to you is not suitable for your language level, please share your concerns and remarks with your teacher to see the possibility of changing the level (any change of level could only be done first week of semester)

What happens in case of absence?

I can't attend the group lesson? I notify my teacher in advance and I ask him to send me the material of the course once it is finished. So I can catch up on the lesson at home without the rest of the group falling behind. A missed group class cannot be made up

If my teacher is absent? My teacher contacts me to propose another schedule or the IFJ team finds another teacher to maintain the course.


How do I know my level? Is the placement test mandatory?

  • I have never learned French => I am starting in discovery 1 (A1.1)
  • I have some knowledge => Compulsory placement test, explain separation between levels
  • I want to change level at the IF => Compulsory placement test
  • I pass in the next class => no compulsory test, I pass the final assessment

The tests are offered during the registration periods. The placement test costs 10 JOD and is not included in the session registration price. Outside the registration periods, the test costs 20JOD.