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Amman International Film Festival: Rendez-Vous Franco Arab section 2024

For the fourth consecutive year, the French Institute in Jordan proudly participates in the Amman International Film Festival, presenting the Franco-Arab Rendez-vous non-competitive section. This year’s French contribution features an impressive lineup of 11 films: 3 long feature documentaries, 2 long feature narratives, and 6 short films. The co-productions span several countries, including Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, France, and Syria. In addition, the Institute will host various guests, including actresses, directors, producers, and academics.

Focus on Regional Dynamics

This special edition of the Franco-Arab Rendez-vous highlights current regional dynamics. As part of this event, we have included three Palestinian films and the winning short film from the Noisy-le-Sec competition in France, which addresses asylum requests in France. Following the screening, there will be a panel discussion with Marion Slitine, a PhD in anthropology renowned for her research on Palestine. The night of the short movies will take place on July 10 at 20:00 at the Rainbow Theater.

Supporting Young Jordanian Filmmakers

To support and promote young Jordanian filmmakers, the French Institute has established two juries: one professional and one young jury. They are offering three awards: Prix des jeunes, Best Jordanian Short Film, and Best Feature Film in Development by a Jordanian Filmmaker. The winners will receive an exclusive opportunity to participate in the Franco-Arab Film Festival of Noisy le Sec, where they will benefit from a series of meetings and significant exposure to both French and Arab filmmakers.

Incubator Program for Young Syrian Directors

In collaboration with AFID, the French Institute is organizing an incubator program for young Syrian directors residing in France to meet professionals from the cinema industry in the MENA region. Aiming to provide access to culture, these two Syrian directors will lead a four-day practical workshop focused on the creative cinema industry for young people without experience who want to discover this world.

Reopening of the Zaatari Cinema

As part of the festival, the French Institute and the French Embassy, in cooperation with UNICEF and the Royal Film Commission, will celebrate the reopening of the Zaatari Cinema on July 10. This event underscores the commitment to fostering cultural engagement and cinematic expression in the region. Darin Sallam, the Jordanian director, will serve as the Godmother of the Zaatari Cinema. She will also be one of the three jury members evaluating the best short film and best feature film in development by a Jordanian filmmaker.

Join Us

We invite everyone to join us in celebrating the rich and diverse world of Franco-Arab cinema. This year’s festival promises to be a vibrant showcase of talent and a unique opportunity to engage with filmmakers and cultural experts from around the world.

📅 Festival Program and Screenings Schedule:

  • Night of Short Movies: July 10 at 8 PM at Rainbow Theater.

  • Panel Discussion: Following the screening, featuring Marion Slitine on Palestinian films and asylum topics.

🎟️ Buy tickets and view the full schedule online via: AIFF Schedule Operation supported by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the French Institute as part of the strategy for the export of Cultural and Creative Industries internationally.


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