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En Jordanie,

La Musique

Va Crescendo

Fête de la musique en Jordanie - 2023


The Institut français de Jordanie offers a diverse cultural programme through its Cultural Department. The Programme encompasses a wide range of cultural activities ranging between film screenings, debates, music and film festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other activities targeting mainly youth and children but also adults, students and families. 

The Institut also participates actively in and supports cultural events organized in collaboration with Jordanian and European partners. 

Franco-Arab RDV

The Franco-Arab Film Festival has proven to be a cultural landmark for over 25 years.  It offered to the Jordanian public a selection of French movies and recent films co-produced between France and the Arab World. Some 3,000 viewers used to attend it annually.

In 2020, the Amman International Film Festival – Awal Film (AIFF) integrated the Franco-Arab Film Festival under the title of Franco-Arab Rendez-Vous. This non-competitive section enriches the selection of the AIFF with films taping into both the Arabic and French cultures, reaching out to a larger public.

In addition, The French Institut organises the short film competition where young Jordanian talesnts participate with their short films. Winners of this competition participate in the Franco-Arab Film Festival that is organised since over tne years, in the Frency city: Nisy-le-Sec. Similarly, the Franco-Arab Rendez-Vous showcases  the four short films that have won the annual Franco-Arab Short Film Competition in Noisy-le-Sec. 

Novembre numérique

Novembre Numérique, or Digital November, is an annual event dedicated to celebrating the intersection of technology, innovation, and culture. Held during the month of November, this initiative aims to promote digital creativity and engagement across various artistic and cultural domains by the French institute

Music Day

Fête de la Musique, also known as Music Day, is an annual celebration in France that takes place on June 21st, marking the beginning of summer.

This vibrant event encourages musicians of all genres and skill levels to perform in public spaces, turning streets, parks, and squares into impromptu stages. The celebration aims to promote the accessibility and diversity of music, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for different musical styles.

In Jordan, the spirit of Fête de la Musique is embraced with enthusiasm. Local musicians and music enthusiasts come together to celebrate this day


The Month of La Francophonie is a special time dedicated to honoring and promoting the linguistic and cultural diversity of French-speaking countries around the world. During this month, events and activities are organized by member Embassies of the 'Organisation internationale de la Francophonie'  to highlight the contributions of French language and culture, fostering a sense of unity among the global Francophone community."

Every March, school and university visits are conducted in addition to a wide number of cultural, culinary and intellectual activities to comomerate the beauty and importance of the French language.

What's on?

​Explore a myriad of upcoming cultural events brought to you by the Cultural Department of the French Institute in Jordan.


Our upcoming program promises a dynamic range of activities, including film screenings, engaging debates, vibrant music and film festivals, captivating concerts, thought-provoking exhibitions, and various other events tailored for youth, children, adults, students, and families alike.

Stay tuned for an enriching cultural experience as we actively participate in and support collaborative events with our Jordanian and European partners. The upcoming lineup is curated to immerse you in the richness of cultural diversity and artistic expression. Join us in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of upcoming events at the French Institute in Jordan!

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