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Music Day in Jordan 2023

Nearly 600 of you joined us on Friday, June 23, in the grounds of the National Gallery, The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, to celebrate the 2023 Music Festival together.

Thanks to Open Mic artists Abd Alrahman, Hamza Al Khalidi, Ibrahim Al Yassin, Faris Fawdlleh, Ayat Husseini, Denis, Alaa Naouri, Mohi Kafena and Violeta for sharing their talents;

Thanks to Octave, for their lively and sparkling performance which brought together an audience of all ages;

Thanks to DJ Emman for making the bravest of this music festival dance, a little later, to the tunes of afro beats and disco;

Thank you to our service provider, for being able to offer you a gourmet break;

Thanks to our technical service provider for the efforts and technical support;

And finally, above all, thank you all for your great energy and support.


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