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Culture lovers, brace yourselves for "5 Weeks, 5 Arts"

Culture lovers, brace yourselves for "5 Weeks, 5 Arts" – Starting from February, 5th 2024, In a span of five weeks, the French Institute in Jordan brings you five thrilling activities designed for both adults and children!

  • Dive into theatre with captivating adult workshops, where creativity takes center stage.

  • Kids can explore the enchanting world of theater, sparking creativity and joy in interactive workshops and delightful performances.

  • Unfold the beauty of Arabic calligraphy in adult workshop, a journey into the elegance of script.

  • Discover sustainable creativity with the ecocraft workshop,

  • crafting eco-friendly projects that inspire environmental consciousness.

  • Little ones can stretch, play, and discover mindfulness in children's yoga sessions.

"5 Weeks, 5 Arts" – a celebration of creativity and culture. Don't miss out! Let the countdown to creativity begin!

Explore the complete program

Explore the complete program of "5 weeks, 5 arts"


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