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Culture lovers, "5 Weeks, 5 Arts" is back with new activites!

Updated: May 16

Culture lovers, brace yourselves for "5 Weeks, 5 Arts" – Starting from May, 11th 2024, In a span of five weeks, the French Institute in Jordan brings you five thrilling activities designed for both adults and children!

Dive into the world of theater with engaging workshops suitable for both adults and kids, where creativity takes center stage.

Kids can embark on an enchanting journey through the world of theater, igniting their imagination and joy through interactive workshops and delightful performances.

Unveil the beauty of Arabic calligraphy in our adult workshops, delving into the artistry of script with expert guidance.

Explore sustainable creativity with our ecocraft workshops, where participants craft eco-friendly projects that promote environmental consciousness.

Little ones can stretch, play, and cultivate mindfulness in our children's yoga sessions.

Join our adult choir and harmonize with others in uplifting musical experiences.

Discover the art of crochet in our adult workshops, creating beautiful and practical pieces with expert instruction.

"5 Weeks, 5 Arts" – a celebration of creativity and culture. Don't miss out! Let the countdown to creativity begin!


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