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"Comics for Humanity" Exhibition at the French Institute

The French section of the "Comics for Humanity" exhibition is now available within the walls of the Institut Français for an extended period! Experience a variety of perspectives on migration through the works of several artists: Khalid Nahar, Emad Hajjaj, and Diala Brisly. The exhibition will be open until June 30th, 2024.

Diala Brisly, whose life journey has taken her from Kuwait to France via Syria, presents two works illustrating the daily challenges faced by young refugees. According to Diala, art is a balm for wounded souls and a weapon against despair.

Researcher Amal Khaleefa initiated a collaboration with Jordanian artists Khalid Nahar and Emad Hajjaj to transcribe into comics the story of Abou Iyad, whom she met during her research in the Zarqa camp.

Come and explore these poignant stories and vivid illustrations that shed light on the human side of migration at the Institut Français.


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