Andalusia, my love ! by Mohamed Nadif

Morocco | 2011 | 1h26 | Comedy | Arabic and French version with English subtitles | Starring Youssef Britel, Mohamed Nadif, Mehdi Ouazzani…

Selected for « Coup de cœur » in Marrakech International Film Festival
Awarded the best promising director prize in Wahran Arab Film Festival in 2011.

In the presence of director Mohamed Nadif.

Said and Amin, are two young students from Casablanca who dream of Europe. They take on an incredible adventure that ends in a small village, in the North of Morocco. With the help of an unusual teacher, obsessed with Andalusia and working in human and good trafficking, they manage to get a small boat to take them to the European shores. Fate takes Amin to end up on the shore of the village while Said ends up on a Spanish shore. However while Andalusia looks strange to Said, Amin observes in his turn strange phenomena in the Moroccan village… A comedy filled with self mockery that addresses the dramatic subject of illegal immigration in a caustic tone that combines both compassion and absurdity together.



Before he joined the cinema, Mohamed Nadif worked as actor and director in theater. After he studied in the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and Cultural Activities in Rabat (specialized in acting), he continued his studies in l’Université Paris X where he obtained his Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in theatre and performing arts. He also played leading roles in several films and TV movies. He wrote and directed three short films: The Young Woman and the Elevator (2005), The Young Woman and the Teacher (2007) and The Young Woman and the School (2009). Andalusia, my Love! is his first feature film.